You Can't Go Wrong With White Leather Laces

Oct 13 , 2020


Rich Massiah

You Can't Go Wrong With White Leather Laces

Laced Up Laces White Leather Laces


Leather is one of those things that is trendy and yet manages to never go out of fashion. The material always seems to reincarnate itself as something cool, like these shoelaces, which are definitely not for everyday. They stand out, they don’t always wear well, and they can be a pain to tie. But they’re so unique. With their gold-plated ends, I think they have just the right amount of Miami Vice style — in a good way. Like the Loop King laces, these also have the brand’s logo ever so faintly etched into their tips.

Leather laces are the ultimate accessory to give your sneakers a high end look. 

  • 8mm white leather shoelaces featuring gold plated - laser engraved metal aglets.


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